Resources – Blogs and Podcasts

Mr. Money Mustache – A great blog run by a former software engineer who retired at the age of 30. This is the first financial independence (FI) blog I ever came across, highly recommended.

The Mad FIentist – Great for the technical aspects of financial independence. Has lots of cool tools and spreadsheets to help you get organized. You may also find it useful if you are into travel hacking. The Mad FIentist also has a podcast where he interviews people who have achieved financial independence. The podcast is great as well!

Go Curry Cracker – Couple (now with a baby) who retired on their mid 30’s and now they travel all over the world. Very good content overall, I really like their content related to taxes.

Afford Anything – Run by Paula Pant, a really smart and entrepreneurial woman who reached financial independence in her early 30’s through real estate investing. In my opinion, great for productivity and real estate investing.

Root of Good – Family man who retired at 33 with three kids! Also lives in Raleigh, NC and covers a broad variety of financial independence and early retirement topics.

Chose FI – My favorite podcast of 2017! Very entertaining, motivational, and full of actionable advice to build wealth and achieve financial independence.

Fiology – great resource for somebody who is just getting started with financial independence. The site is organized by lessons, each lesson covering a different topic related to FI (e.g. mindset, FI and kids, taxes, and many more).

Many More!

There are a lot of great financial independence blogs. If I listed them all you would probably scrolling down for ever and fall asleep. A great way to find blogs that may be useful to YOU is through this directory.

  1. Open the list.
  2. You can filter by age, married vs. single, kids or no kids, geography, etc. This way you can search for people who are in a similar situation to yours.
  3. Or just look all over the place. You can learn different things from different people. There are some who are starting with negative a net worth (they owe more than they own). There is a lot to learn from those stories as well.